Climate Change

Northern Pintail Photo: Donald Dvorak

A new study from National Audubon Society scientists built on Audubon's 2014 Birds and Climate Report revealed that climate change is the number one threat to birds. Audubon’s scientists continued to closely analyze this relationship using the latest climate science research methods and modeling, while significantly expanding their pool of data sources and bird records to capture a deeper, more extensive analysis of the effects of climate change on North American bird species. The latest report shows that North American birds are more vulnerable than ever from rising temperatures and climate-related events like sea level rise, droughts, fires, and extreme weather. The good news is that our science also shows that if we take action now we can improve the chances for the majority of species at risk from climate change. Our birds are telling us that it’s time to act now.

Released in October 2019, Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink, utilized the latest climate models to project how North American bird species’ range will shift as climate change and other human impacts advance across the continent.

Vulnerable birds in North and South Dakota may lose more than half of their current range as they are forced to search for suitable habitat and climate conditions elsewhere.

Find out which birds that nest or spend the winter in North Dakota and South Dakota are most vulnerable with the Birds and Climate Visualizer.     

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