Sandhill cranes Photo: Ursula Dubrick

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Audubon Dakota is commited to the conservation and protection of the birds of North and South Dakota. By providing educational and outreach events about our conservation work, Audubon Dakota is able to gain public and private support and project involvement.


Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative
Bird-Friendly Communities

Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative

Over 1,000 acres of restored habitat along the Red River and over 20 Urban Woods and Prairies Nature Parks in Fargo-Moorhead.

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Target Bird Species

Target Bird Species

For Audubon Dakota's Conservation Work

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Birds In the Dakotas

Peregrine Falcon

Latin:  Falco peregrinus

Illustration for Peregrine Falcon

Sandhill Crane

Latin:  Antigone canadensis

Illustration for Sandhill Crane

Trumpeter Swan

Latin:  Cygnus buccinator

Illustration for Trumpeter Swan

Downy Woodpecker

Latin:  Dryobates pubescens

Illustration for Downy Woodpecker

American Crow

Latin:  Corvus brachyrhynchos

Illustration for American Crow

Upland Sandpiper

Latin:  Bartramia longicauda

Illustration for Upland Sandpiper

Northern Cardinal

Latin:  Cardinalis cardinalis

Illustration for Northern Cardinal

Wood Duck

Latin:  Aix sponsa

Illustration for Wood Duck

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