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Bird Libs

The Christmas Bird Count Edition

Grab a piece of paper and write down a word for each of these prompts! The more ridiculous the word the better! Then take your words and fill in the blanks on the bird libs below in the exact same order and enjoy your funny tailfeathers.

2.Adverb that ends in --> ly
6.Clothing item
8.Friend’s name
9.Adverb that ends in --> ly
11.Bird body part
14.Bird body part
15.Friend’s name (same as above)
18.Type of bird
19.Type of bird

Waking up to my alarm at _________________________, I _________________________ got out of bed. Even though it was a _________________________, _________________________ day forecasted to only reach _________ degrees, I was excited! The day was December 14th, the first day of the Christmas Bird Count, and I was leading a count circle for the first time. I bundled up in my warmest_________________________, grabbed my favorite binoculars, and headed out to meet the group. We started the adventure by sharing what we were most excited to see. While everyone was looking forward to counting the always _________________________Chickadees, I was hoping to finally spot the Snowy Owl that has eluded me for years.

Progressing down the trail, _________________________  _________________________stopped and focused his/her binoculars on a nearby tree. He/she gasped under his/her breath and exclaimed, “A _______________    ________________   ________________"!

“No way”, I said. “They migrated months ago.”

“Yes, look!” he/she replied. “The ___________________ pattern on the ___________________ is a perfect match for non-breeding plumage”.

My gosh…_________________________was right! This would be a _________________________addition to our Christmas Bird Count.

As we wrapped up our count day, we were pleased to report an impressive _____________ species. Large quantities of __________________________were reported, of course, but a few highlights included _________________________ and my sought-after Snowy. There’s always a _________________________ sighting during the Christmas Bird Count. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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