Bird-Friendly Communities

Urban Stewardship Program

American Goldfinch and Purple Coneflower Photo: Will Stuart/Audubon
Bird-Friendly Communities

Urban Stewardship Program

We have created a network of dedicated volunteers who participate in various outreach and engagement opportunities through the Urban Stewardship Program (USP). Urban Stewards are communtiy members looking to make a positive impact through on the ground habitat conservation, education, and advocacy. 

USP volunteers will be asked to help promote and maintain local urban green spaces, assist with educational outreach and birding events while focusing on The Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative (UWP). The Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative consists of nearly 1,000 acres of restored grasslands and woodlands along the Red River, and now we are expanding USP to the rest of the Dakotas. UWP sites present a unique opportunity for Urban Stewards to take ownership in the long-term management and restoration of these areas. Audubon Dakota hopes to cultivate the enthusiasm among individuals interested in land stewardship and conservation with hands-on engagement and education opportunities. 

The Urban Stewards have worked with Audubon Dakota staff by planning community events, including yoga in the park, and helping to facilitate large group volunteer events such as:

  • Removal of invasive/weedy species at our various UWP nature parks
  • Pollinator garden plantings at multiple cities across the Dakotas
  • Seed collecting, native prairie and tree plantings at many of our UWP nature parks
  • Trash pick-up at multiple urban green spaces and UWP nature parks

If you are interested in becoming an Urban Stewardship Program Volunteer, please sign up here

Photo: Marshall Johnson, Audubon Dakota

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