North Dakota Prescribed Fire Cooperative

Sparking a new approach to North Dakota rangeland management

Photo: Joshua Lefers/Audubon Dakota

North Dakota’s grasslands are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. Declines in prairies have led to equally extreme reductions in population numbers for wildlife. Historically, fires were a common event in prairies, often recurring every couple of years in the wetter tallgrass prairies to every 20-30 years in the drier shortgrass prairies. Prescribed fire supports improved habitat for grassland birds and other wildlife. 

The NDPFC strives to facilitate a positive North Dakota landowner awareness of prescribed fire as a management tool.  Prescribed fires can be used to manage fuel loads, helping to prevent wildfires. More importantly, prescribed fires can be a safe and effective method to increase grassland productivity for wildlife and livestock alike. The coop works to develop the tools, knowledge, and connections necessary for landowners to establish burn associations. In the long run, a self-sustaining landowner prescribed fire program will benefit North Dakota's grasslands the most.

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